We just dropped 250 records at the post office... so get ready all you waiters, the wait is OVER!!!! The Something's Wrong/Shorebirds Split 7" is officially OUT OF PRINT and we have no more for mail order. Apparently there's 5 in a distro in Yakima, Washington if you're on the hunt. And there's still some at Phantom City Records on 4th Ave & Franklin in downtown Olympia. Actually: All our records are available thru Phantom City. Also, if any of you are drooling in anticipation of the DOOMHAWK LP it's finished, there's a little confusion so we're not putting it up on the page with a price and everything yet, but send us an email if you're aching for it and we'll figure it out. It looks crazy and it sounds amazing. Doomhawk played in Denver last night and is continuing across the country in a whirlwind of insanity. Don't miss them if you can help it. There's tour dates are below in an old post. awesome! peace! 10/14/08 Thanks to all yous who pre-ordered, we really couldn't have finished without you and your money. (seriously). Also, check out the catalog page, the Shorebirds LP will now be going for 10$ + postage = $13.00 cash or money order... alright! x 10/04/08 The Shorebirds LP is DONE! we've got a ton of preorders to mail out to you freaks and that'll happen within the week. Doomhawk is preparing for a full US tour and their LP is going to be ready in the final moments of their departure. Look for them in a town near you, they're AMAZING. check their dates here. Matt broke his arm by falling off his bike. It's raining a lot here. He can't play guitar and is numbed and bummed. We're almost out of the splits. It feels crazy to not be waiting anxiously for all these records to arrive. Thanks for reading this ramble. peace. erica and matt. 9/6/08 - Whazzzzzzupp. Shorebirds LP will drop in about 3 weeks. We are currently taking pre-orders. Check the releases page for the artwork. We still have plenty of our first 2 releases. We will never take online orders, so stop asking. We love mail order, it's fun and gives us contact with all sorts of you folks we'd otherwise never know about. That said all the records can be ordered online through No Idea if you want a quick fix. Also: We started a new band called RVIVR that we are fucking stoked about. - matt and erica 7/11/08 - Hello everyone. Here's an update: Shorebirds broke up. It was just time for it to not be a band anymore. However, we are still releasing the LP, which is now all finished up. It will be available as soon as it is done being pressed and such. Glue! is in the process of finishing up recording their debut 7", and Doomhawk just started to record for their debut LP. We still have copies of the first two releases (Something's Wrong/Shorebirds Split 7" & "We Do What We Want" 7" punk comp), though we've burned through a lot of them. That's rad, it feels really good and has left us with long-ass postal reciepts for all over the world. We hope you love the records and that they rock yer socks off. love, erica and matt 5/22/08 buy away fuckers! we mean... everything's ready. we are a real record label now, you know... with records! look under releases. there's treasure. and we're not doing pre-orders so sit tight about the Shorebirds LP. and we haven't set up any plastic card taking internet mechanisms yet, so sit tight about that too. (aka we're doing cash and money-order only for now) and chances of us making any of this available digitally are slim to none, seeing as how we are a record label, not an mp3 label. peace! love, erica and matt. 4/28/08 the records have arrived... we messed up fifty times trying to get all the stuff to make them ready, but they should be all packaged and golden by the end of the week. we're waiting on the sleeves and the zine for the Comp. Shorebirds have been recording with Phil Red Dog Douglas of Huntington, Long Island for the past two weeks. the full length LP is nearly finished and it sounds awesome. we're waiting on the price for the comp but we know that the Something's Wrong/Shorebirds Split 7" is gonna be 5$ for internet mailorder. check them out under releases. we don't know what the hell we are doing so bear with us as we figure it out. love, erica 3/13/08 welcome to this dang ass website... you may notice that it's still a work in progress. we'll have our first releases in the next couple weeks so WATCH OUT!

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